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Hope your day is going on well, yet again another feature and this is one of my personal favorites! Why? I can finally die in peace knowing that i had a tat on and probably get a septum ring bila ‘kelele za mzazi’, too harsh? I’m not sorry. Before I continue confusing you with my personal life, today, I’m featuring a new brand in town,  *well it’s been around for a while* all the freshest accessories you could get at amazing prices, I mean it’s beyond affordable guys! Kindly have look at the quick interview i had with Christine, the beautiful lady behind the brand MICHIKO_ART. If it’s too wordy, I’m not sorry, as i couldn’t leave out this greatness.


The start?

Michiko Art begun in early 2012. At first I was making customized notebooks. We later evolved to retailing clothes & customized African inspired outfits. We had a great run from May 2012 – March 2014. After which we had a brief unplanned hiatus. We ‘relaunched’ in March 2015 with a new creative direction & a new focus on bold accessories & decor. We are currently focused on accessories but hope to branch into decor by the end of the year.

Why the name? 
The name Michiko is of Japanese origin, meaning beautiful wise child. I am fascinated by Japan & Japanese culture & Michiko is my Japanese nickname.When I thought of setting up the business I decided to name it Michiko Art as then the business had an artsy direction. As the business evolved I decided to retain the name as I somewhat identify with it as my brand.
What is Michiko Art? 
We are a Nairobi based online store that provides bold accessories & decor at prices that won’t break the bank. We aim to curate pieces that stand out and are unique picked to suit different preferences. We aim to provide pieces for the bold and awesome at heart that were born to stand out. Pieces ranging from clothing, decor, accessories& everything awesome inspired by culture and art, with a subtle sense of street appeal and sophistication.
Be bold. Be beautiful. Be yourself.
Inspiration behind the brand?
Our new creative direction aims to provide trendy alternative & contemporary accessories & decor. I try to curate a variety accessories that suit different personalities; the shy girl, the glam girl, the punk chic,the geeky girl, the girl next door, the boho babes and so on.
I’ve always been a quirky girl and I find beauty in odd & imperfect things. I have slowly learnt to embrace my quirkiness. And that is the message I hope to spread, that it’s awesome to be different, it’s what makes you YOU. Live boldly and stand out from the sea of clones.
Ambitions for the brand?
Haha to be Kenyan’s Forever 21? JK. I hope for Michiko Art to be bigger & better by the end of the year. And I hope to expand our market to other East African countries.
Thoughts on your brand in regards to a Kenyan landscape for a start up?
Kenya is a great place for a start up. Kenyans have grown and the new generation is more receptive to new ideas & trends. I have received mixed reaction with the new creative direction, most people love it, some don’t get it. I’m here to make those who get it more awesome. 😉
Kindly watch the short video we did on how to apply the flash tats/Faux tats.
All you need is a glass of water and you’re done!! THANKS FOR CHECKING IN LOVIES!
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