Ever felt like you never existed?
All alone in a dark & empty space?
The feeling could overwhelm you,
But again, you feel free and dead to the world,
Seeking for a piece of mind,sanity,
Tired of making a mends with your sorrows,
Stuck in your ways, that irresistible vice,
A dark side that has been well in tuned…


Hello World!
Been trying to get back to writing *random stuff*, anyways it’s Friday!! You know what that means, #FABRICFETISHFRIDAYS #FFF. Sorry I slacked on last week’s post but here we are. Today’s inspo leans more on floral backdrops, headwraps and cultural identities.

tumblr_nppyofXnGv1sj7s5ho1_540tumblr_nppyofXnGv1sj7s5ho2_400 (1)
“Being a Third Culture Kid, means recognizing there’s a
space that exists between the culture we’re from and the
culture we’re living in. I feel not South Sudanese enough, or
not Australian enough. I have to accept that I’ll never be
both: those ideas are completely fabricated from outside of
myself. For a lot of people who realize they exist in that in-
between space, it’s kind of upsetting because you’re neither
this nor that. But being a third culture kid can be whatever
you want,” Atong said in a recent interview.

Atong Atem is a South Sudanese photographer based in

Melbourne, Australia, whose work centers on notions of
blackness. In a recent photo series she focuses on the
social and cultural identities constructed by first and second
generation Africans living in the diaspora.

Drawing on the legacy of West African studio portraiture
popularized by Seydou Keita , Samuel Fosso , and Malick
Sidibe , among others, Atem’s Third Culture Kids gaze softly
into the camera against floral backdrops. Decked in
headwraps and wax print boubous, the individuals in the
photos are as comfortable in traditional African wear as
they are in battered Converse and stone washed denim.

tumblr_nprwprig4h1sj7s5ho1_1280tumblr_nppyofXnGv1sj7s5ho3_400tumblr_nk969wfp2y1qcubmho1_1280 (1)tumblr_nnymt1zB6p1sj7s5ho2_540

Kindly peep Atong Atem’s Third Culture Kids series on her Tumblr.

tumblr_npof5e24mj1sj7s5ho6_400 (1)photographing-the-space-between-cultures-body-image-1432881527wpid-tumblr_nm4ldqre2w1sj7s5ho1_1280.jpg
Hope you’ve been inspired and do have a lovely weekend hope to see Y’all at THE THRIFT SOCIAL 2 hosted by 2manysiblings.



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