Hello World!
Hope you are having an awesome week especially that it was Tupac’s and Kendrick’s birthdays; inspirational greatness, from these legends. Oh! Just got to 12K followers on IG yaey!!! WildCoffee_05-7Humbled for days fam! How I did it?


Other than that, the title is a bit too foreign but again sounds like Sheng meaning to get it, if my minimal knowledge on slang doesn’t fail me. Kawaii means cute in Japanese and is also a variation off the Harajuku trend. The style deals with lots of prints and layering opposed to what I have on,Β  well there’s always a fail for the first time but here we are Aye?WildCoffee_05-10WildCoffee_05-18
I paired up this oh-so-cute print top *yeah it’s a top not a dress* that I got from Closet49 for just 300, a pair of knee high socks from Toi Market kama kawa and a pair of blue sneaker wedges from Emprezz Fashion Boutique.

The outfit is totally irrelevant for this weather and of course not where I live lawwwwd!!! But I’m pretty sure someone daring would try it out plus it’s so so cute! Hope you like it πŸ™‚

Kindly have a look at more pics & S/ O to my girl Bella & Β Ritchie for coming through thanks for checking in lovies!!





19 comments on “KAWAII

  1. Tony just showed me the post. Thanks for the great day with great peeps. I found out I got another skill set…….location scouting tingz πŸ˜‚

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