The potholes have been unbearable,
The bumps sure do slow you down,
Until you end up at a crossroad,
A bit too difficult to decide? Confusing?
Yes, that’s the word, but again, I hear that such situations are temporary.
Isn’t it a bit similar to life? Maybe not for you, but that has been my week lol!

Been feeling blue, but I’m glad that I’m alive and I’ve missed you so much!!
With that I’ll share a few pics that I took this week, all the artistic pics were taken by my girl Shiro (Sarrken) who I miss so so much already. As I show off my new Ying yang retro choker that I got from Michiko_art Kenya, better head over to their instagram and order for yours.

Selfies and my current obsession TRAVI$ SCOTT (spare a few seconds and listen to Antidote if you haven’t).

A few more posts to the 95th hope you’re still eager, thanks for checking in.



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