A dark room, where she seeked solace, but the void grew deeper and deeper. She becomes emotionless, every being is useless, what is she living for? Why is she here anyways?  Myriads of questions leave her to ponder about her existence… ‘HUSH! It’s beyond your own life, it’s that outter body experience. Let it be,” they whispered. A subconscious war, that she was yet to comprehend.

She’s reminded of the importance of appreciating life, what more can you do anyways?  Hello world? Rather too deep for an intro? Well once you lose a “loved one” expression of inner self is highly recommended. Sorry I’ve been off the radar for a while, ha! But I say this every time, crazy! Back to Biashara, today’s post is one out of many though, (as we still do the count down to the 95th that might turn into the 96th *Sorry!*)


Anyways, I hooked up with a couple of friends and decided to tangatanga in Tao and take a few shots *picha yani lol*

Streetwear is one thing that many can relate to but can’t define it as it’s so diverse and gradually changes. What better way to have that street vibe rather than grab a Suave backpack?

Suave-Mazziwa_Output02-19Suave-Mazziwa_Output02-22Why I love the bags? I won’t see anyone else with that that looks like mine, it’s so spunky with the African touch and moreover it’s organic as it’s custom made. A big thank you to Suave_ke for letting us use the backpacks, y’all better follow the kulture.


Suave-Mazziwa_Output02-25Suave-Mazziwa_Output02-40Suave-Mazziwa_Output02-23Suave-Mazziwa_Output02-42I know you wanna get one 😉 I’d love to thank everyone that came through and made the shoot possible to happen. My outfit is one of those that I got from The Thrift Social 2 courtesy of my dear brother Edward. Ok I gotta go see yah in a couple of days. Hope you’ve been inspired and thanks for checking in.






*Ps: I’ll talk more about the outfits and everyone in the next piece 🙂

Photography and editing: ANTHONY OKOTH


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