Indeed it has been a journey full of lessons, interacting with beautiful souls well, some weren’t inviting but at least I got to get schooled about the human race. It’s finally here the 95th post *happy dance*

WildChild_Rooftop03-2I bet you are wondering why I’m obsessing over 95 (kidogo inside story- I was born on the 15th of September 1995 * hint it’s coming up soon & I’m accepting early gifts) plus it’s even better as I got to collab with a lovely soul, Grace.

Let’s get to our outfits, Grace decided to go all black, isn’t this look effortlessly gorge? Besides, anyone can pull it off hakuna restrictions coz black is a powerful yet safe color. She paired up her black pants together with her black chiffon top. Just to add sas she got her Ray Bans sunglasses, chic yes? Get to check out her blog here!

The WildChild *I call myself in the third person ha! Weird?* decided to be kidogo retro urban, if there’s such a thing. I paired up a print crop top, white mom jeans that I ripped, they only cost 100 at Toi market. To hide my skinny arms I grabbed a black chiffon top and grabbed my platform heels. Retro ish or nah?

Anyways as you still decide kindly click through more pics and i hope that you’ve been inspired and thanks for checking in!



A big S/O to the
Location Manager: Pazzoblvck
Style Manager: Gicherualvin
Concept Director & Photographer: Magatimaosa
Concept Director: Akinyi Nyangoma
Photographer & Editor: Anthony Okoth




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