She’s never been afraid of time as she was last night. Probably wouldn’t have made it to the next sunrise. Miseducated from the school of life,everything now seems like a lie. Misunderstood thoughts, what is truth? Freedom isn’t free anymore, more like a state of mind. She’s tired of time travel, she’d rather stay with her thoughts, till it’s all over… the end of time.

 WildChild_Rooftop01-2WildChild_Rooftop01-4 (1)WildChild_Rooftop01-5 (1)WildChild_Rooftop01-3WildChild_Rooftop01-6


Hello world, sorry my emptiness is spreading out to my kawaida routine of posting at least once a week to none. Hope you’ve been well, and I miss you as always 🙂 Other than that, today’s look is retro inspired, styled by Gicherualvin, he’s just the best, hope to be like him one day. Anyways, there’s no better way to lift your spirit up than using colour. It’s better than having a sad face and having everyone around you ask “what’s wrong” yeah?



I got to pair up my high waist denim jeans that I got from Toi at only 100/ with my retro top from Ngara Market at 200/ when Ngara was Ngara. Just to give the outfit a nostalgic feel I got my German flag pair of socks from Toi that cost 50/ and my red jacket that I adore together with my platform heels both gifts from my girl Shiro / Sarkken 🙂 *I miss you girl* Do the math 😉



I love the look as it cuts across both genders minus the heels ha! Definitely a casual look for all the denim and retro lovers. Hope you’ve been inspired & thanks for checking in.

 WildChild_Rooftop02-7WildChild_Rooftop01-29WildChild_Rooftop01-20 (1)WildChild_Rooftop01-10


 And she wishes to be inhuman

To forget what it feels to be heartbroken

To forget what it feels like to be lied to

To feel supreme from the clutches of emotion…WildChild_Rooftop02-6WildChild_Rooftop01-23WildChild_Rooftop01-22WildChild_Rooftop01-25WildChild_Rooftop02-2


Location Manager: Pazzoblvck

Style Manager: Gicherualvin

Photography and Concept Director: Magatimaosa

Photography and editing: Anthony Okoth

WildChild_Rooftop01-19 (1)


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