Progress, a term understood by many but yet to be defined. Maybe you won’t agree with me but just think about it… it might as well be different as per the parties involved. In terms of money, power, spirituality, simplicity, happiness etc. You decide …
Other than that, I’m more than elated to have the Urban Cult crew yet again and this time they got to the CURRENT OBSESSION segment, which I haven’t done for ages! Beeteedubz, the term Cult is a short form of Culture, that’s specifically for my mum haha lol!

Oh! And to those who are wondering what TOFAUTI is, it means different in Swahili 🙂 Of course, which they are don’t you agree? Anyways let me let you peep through more pics and I hope you’ll be more than inspired! Have a massive weekend loved ones ❤
Get to link up with the page via @urban_cult_IMG_20150827_112730IMG_20150826_135537IMG_20150826_134438IMG_20150825_095836IMG_20150825_100211IMG_20150825_161234KI PHOTO (9 of 95)



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