Pre-Season : What is to come.

Let me put it into proper context, each one of us has a moment where you envision about your future, it’s quite deep don’t you agree? Either way, there’s that one thing or a couple of stuff that you expect to achieve…


image (28)

image (26)

Hello loves! Hope you had a splendid week as i did, as i do my count down to my birthday next week on Tuesday the 15th haha! you got no excuse to forget. Enough chit chat, I got to team up with amazing, creative souls a couple of weeks ago and maaaaaaan!!! My mind was blown. I’d love to share what we did in the following series.  Take a deep breathe and get to see what Gicherualvin, Edwinjeru and the amazing Amyvisuals have to offer.

image (29)

image (30)

Color, expresses words that are held back by dark secrets

You just gotta find your little Pandora’s box

And find the right time to let them all out…



Have a blessed weekend loves! I hope that you’ve been inspired to find your artistic path.




Creative Director : Edwinjeru

Stylist and Creative : Gicherualvin

Photographer and Creative Director : Amyvisuals


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