She woke up and asked if it was heaven or just another beautiful dream. It felt so life like, real rather. Only to wake up to cruelty and the struggles that surround her existence, and this is why she closes her eyes. She can’t stand it.IMG-20150909-WA0058IMG-20150909-WA0053IMG-20150909-WA0048

IMG-20150909-WA0028Clarity is a state of mind

Freedom ain’t real who sold you that lie?

From picking cotton to flying in the rocketships

Black power withstands all negativity, image (27)image (26)

image (25)image (22)Deep down everyone is fighting for their inner child and begging for custody

How does one free self from your enemy?

It’s all within…

In tune with the pharaoh, in a tomb full of gold

God said,” Love your enemy.”

and I loved myself.IMG-20150909-WA0038IMG-20150909-WA0045IMG-20150909-WA0068IMG-20150909-WA0051IMG-20150909-WA0050Type A personality

Introvert, extrovert, commonalities.

image (24)image (23)Happiness, make it make sense to me

Before I become empty and dead within

Deliver me from what’s believed to be right

Take me on a journey in to the light

And pray for yourself to be closer to the Most high



Creative Directors : Edwinjeru, Gicherualvin

Photographer and Creative Director : Amyvisuals 




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