Once upon a time in a hood so divine.Where a dream gradually grew into an idea and later on to a story.This sure was one of the most daring moves I’ve done thus far, I mean, my mum didn’t think we’d make it back with the camera lol! Anyways, I got to team up with a bunch of creatives this time and maaaaaaaaaaaan! Wasn’t it just amazing!! It’s always an honor to work with Amyvisuals, then we linked up with Karago_ , _Ivystephanie of MyDiaryKenya, and Kissygitonga_ of Yourstulykissy.

More posts from this series will be up as the days go by.


DSC_0468DSC_0512DSC_0518DSC_0438You know the streets ain’t sleeping, when the hood watchdog asks for his cut when he spots new fish around. It’s his territory, ”’What gives you the right to come and make yourself comfortable without asking for permission?” Asking for handouts like you deserve it? Think about it…



Well, humans are imperfect, impermanent and incomplete

not found in nature at moments of bloom and lushness

But at moments of inception and subsiding

Find beauty in darkness and blackness

Connected to a particular view of nature


And so we learnt the art of hood politics,not through scholarships but the streets put us through colleges. Something for something…

”Paying taxes” to obliviate the kawaida system.

DSC_0433DSC_0478DSC_0440DSC_0498Let your ambition carry you to the highest depths of the world

Put God as your soul driver and provider

Believe in your dreams as they are a piece of reality

Be careful now! Farmers might try to rake you up…

Thanks for checking in and I hope that you’ve been inspired 🙂


ART DIRECTOR : Amyvisuals







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