All my ideas were policed by the system

It was either I was black or simply because I was a female

Never for once did I feel welcomed even though I was qualified to be there

For them, you were only accepted in a lot of spaces if you were only viewed as non threatening

But that ain’t part of my structure…


Having being raised by a goddess, life  was littered by destroyed expectations

Enamoured by disappointments even though as human beings we are meant to be drawn to deceptive simplicity

Complicated identities…


We tend to worship ideas and despise realities

If there’s no contrast, it becomes singular, that’s ok right?

It’s the constant evolution of turning a light on in places you didn’t have it on before that makes the difference

A renewal that tumbles forward endlessly, don’t you think?


Having the internet being one of the forces that have raised us – there are no boundaries between offline and online life when it comes to experiences

Go ahead and react to this – I’m outro.



Black Customized Parka Jacket : 1v1garments

Adidas Tee x Panel Cap x Moschino tee dress : Kwaisma

Accessories : Michiko_art

Photography/ Art Direction : Amyvisuals

Location manager/ Creative Direction/ Muse : WildChild


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