Kahawa Series 3/3: SEED of PROTEST


Surrounded by a vision of insanity

My heart aches at every level of civilization

Naturally, I’ll always fight back – it’s from within

Being a woman

Being a black woman

Being a black African woman

The real Negus alive, a seed of protest


Breathing like the weather

These are moments that we will savour

As I’m slowly learning my history

It’s ok to be open minded

Don’t hate the race that supposedly oppressed your forefathers

As the Queens and Kings you are worth more

Don’t poison yourself from black consciousness

It’s painful watching you try to scrub off the blackness…


But I’m no longer worried

In a land of dispossessed youths, artistic expression will charter the mental conflicts

The soil shall seek vengeance over spilt blood



Photography: Magatimaosa x @Kidero_ag

Muse: Wildchild x Onyandos


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