As you walk in the incubator of life, the earth

So must you honor nature and it’s authenticity

I’ve never seen anything as extreme as water

It’s soothing and relaxing when basking on the beach, you forget your worries and focus on the waves

But it can also decide to take you with it on it’s journey as you also transition to a higher level of spiritual life

Surely where am I going with this?


I like how he kisses and hugs me at every given chance

I adore how he dedicates his time to see me

Only until when it gets cold to go outside to see him

I ache for him

Even he’s afraid of the cold and the rain

But when we reunite none relents, we both explode

This time he makes love to me as he bites my skin

You’re more confused now?

I’m talking about the Sun


He will love you as the Nubian Goddess or Nubian Prince that you are

But why do you inflict so much pain on your royal skin?

Is it because of “blackmail”, “blackholes”  etc that remind you of the negativity?

Why did the lighter shade of skin fascinate you when they came to the Indigo Continent than they were with yours?

Why do you seek acceptance through chemicals that reveal your weakness?

With that He (*sun) burns you with vengeance to remind you of your roots

The darker the berry the sweeter the juice_MG_7335


Honor your ancestors before Mother Nature takes her course

Before it’s too late to turn back

Before you forget your worth

Before the soil seeks vengeance

Our skin is not meant for the bleaching system



Based on a Melanin themed campaign #100DaysofKenyanBeauty by Lynda Ijeoma a self taught Makeup Artist.


MUSE: Wildchild x Lilly


Accessories by Kellinmwangeka / Fly Stones


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