‘She’s probably a whore considering how she dresses. Can’t she just keep her clothes on?

Or maybe she just wants attention from guys to make herself feel better than the rest of us.’


Understanding my society, a lady isn’t allowed to feel sexy enough to walk out the door and be proud about it. If I feel sexy then I’m a slut which btw reminds me,  the original meaning of the term slut was referred to a woman who couldn’t keep her room clean.  Ha!  What about the guys?abg

Given that we’re in an age where everything is and has been sexualized, ladies are scared to talk about their vagina, let alone look at it.  It’s sad how we weren’t raised to treasure our bodies and understand that the vagina is the most beautiful thing on this universe,  I mean some say ‘god’ rests between a woman’s legs as this is where life comes from haha! She’s so afraid to tell her friend that she’s worried it smells so bad and she needs help, she’s worried he won’t accept her because her vagina is hairy, when the boy child is way more conversant with his dick to the point where he’ll even name it.


Don’t be shy about your vagina, take ‘her’ on spa dates and on regular medical checkups, she’s the other you that never gets to speak because she feels what’s within. 😂 OK maybe I’m being overly dramatic.


On behalf of all the girls who second guess how their vagina looks like because some dude told talked shit ‘I’d like to say a big FVCK YOU’



Visuals : Amyvisuals

Direction : Vivi Karia X Sara

Muse : Randy Gowon X Wildchild


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