She Was With Another Girl

She was with another Girl 


I like her breasts

I wish mine were bigger

I want her breasts

I like her ass

I should start doing squats

I want her ass

Look at her hips

She has my hips

I want her hips

She has fuller lips

I want her lips

I should get a lip injection

Oh no wait!

Look at her nose

She has the perfect nose

Look at her skin tone

I want a lighter tone

I’m too dark

I’m too skinny

I wish I had curves


All this time she never saw the beauty within because she was taught to adore someone else. Unfortunately for her, she wanted to change her appearance but couldn’t afford plastic surgery, fortunate…

She was never with self because she was with another Girl.



Visuals : Amy Muhoro

Muse : Neema Githere + Vivi Karia + Alexis Nereah


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