Vivi Karia by Vivi Karia

V. K by V. K


Here’s a quick look at the first editorial shoot I  got to direct for my girl, Vivi Karia.

Just to give you a quick background on her line here’s what she had to say.
“Well its just a clothing line that is mostly ready to go & that’s easy to pair with your style . It’s sports luxe meet street style cause its edgy , most of the designs will feature illustrations of nudity & also words that talk about how the youth feel about politics or life or opportunity ,relationships, sex etc.”


She then goes on to add that,

” I’ll also expand and do tees, hoodies & bags soon. So its just not about caps.”

As observed here none of y’all are ready to consume what this young goddess has in store for you. Get to order via her Instagram DM here.



Visuals : Amy Muhoro

Direction : Alexis Nereah

Muse : Randy Gowon X Adrian Kumli




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