Limited by Condition

Limited by Condition

My mind chose to control itself and thus has various conversations on it’s own and I thought it better to share it with you, just to confirm that I’m not losing it.


A : ‘Why do you always run from your problems?

B : ‘I like the thrill of it
The adventure, the experience
But what I really like is…
*Takes deep breath*
What I really like is the wind on my face
I like how it’s so soothing
It’s cold yet so relaxing
Also, it dries the tears from my eyes

Now tell me, wouldn’t you want to run with me?’


A : ‘You always sugarcoat your worries
I like that, and yes, I’d like to run with you
But don’t you think you only get to deal with your problems at a later date?
It’s no hidden reality
Running from the world to your own thoughts
Sounds like a beautiful fantasy
But for how long will the euphoria last?’


B : ‘You ask too many questions…
You forget that no one will understand your journey but yourself
Therefore you’re the only one that has the answers
Curiosity is a social problem
I hope you find what you’re looking for
Case in point, my happiness lasts as long as I want it to
It’s just how you perceive it.’


A : ‘How I perceive my happiness?
How can I be happy in a society where what is good is limited by condition
No one believes in true happiness anymore
They are too afraid something bad might happen because there’s no ‘balance’.

*Both characters stare at each other in silence*


Visuals by Magati Maosa for Gikomba Lookbook

Muse : Foro Mwihaki + WildChild


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