We are None

We are None

I’m tired of being told of how masculine my dressing is or how I should sit like a girl. Pink is a beautiful color, a color of love but I’m saddened by how misunderstood it is to our society. Especially when I’m out shopping and I happen to pick out a blue outfit only to have the vendor tell me that I’d look better in pink since it’s girly, subtle. They’d then go one to tell me that blue ‘signifies’ a strong character, masculine. Pushing me, to believe that being a boy would be better than what I am. Or how skinny I am and that I should eat more but if I do that I should watch my diet. Fuck a diet I wanna start a riot.

Your girl is just trying to exist without being bothered by questioning her existence nor her gender.
Gender fluidity has a lot of misconception in our society. For instance, dressing up as a tomboy doesn’t mean I’m a lesbian neither does a male embracing his feminine side with the choice of his clothing determine his sexual preference. Neither does it equate to one being a transgender where a person’s gender identity is different compared to what was assigned to them at birth. I’d say gender fluidity is simply a mental and emotional shift in accordance to how one wants to interact with the world.
She probably chose to be masculine today because she didn’t feel safe being feminine since sadly this is associated with weakness. He chose to be about his feminine side because he wanted to be in touch with his emotional space. This shows that identity is none but a constant change according to an individual. It is then a perception that separates us from each other.

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