Error of Existence

Error of Existence?

“When I manifested myself to existence, existence came to the existence of the existent, I then exist…”

~ unknown

The alarm goes off and I have to leave my fantasies and reunite with  the physical world, one that I am not sure of. Why were we placed here, could it have been an error of existence? Unaware to whether or not I should be here, I long to go back to my real unrealistic dreams, those that I may get to control at given times. Born in a world that I shouldn’t be a part of, I suffer the consequence of being weak to its pleasures.

It gets too painful to live by reality, one that we can’t handle or have already given up on, we then hide and result back to delusions created and nurtured by our subconscious elements. Only because we have come to conclude that the truth is only truthful when we live it or get to prove it to others. The truth remains the truth, knows or seeks no opinion. The light will always overwhelm darkness, darkness that only survives by acquiring space/matter. But what do we know?  Do we know what is meant to be known or do we only know what we want to know?
Disorder is surely, none but an order our own limitations prevent us from understanding.
I wonder whether this collective consciousness serves as a dream in another life as we wait to see the light when we die. Could this same light be the one we see when we reincarnate back here and be born of a woman’s womb? A never ending cycle of life, repetition being our order of survival. As we join earth again we are entitled to names, gender, a family, religion etc. Barely having the choice to dictate/control our future then, we become weaklings of existence. It is only when we grow, that we realize  it is important to avoid worldly possessions to drive our influence in doing things but rather try and remember instances from our past lives to help us coincide with our purpose.
Concept and Direction : Alexis Nereah
Photography : Royce Bett (the.frostograher)
Muse : Afro_minimalist + Alexis Nereah
Theme : Synchronicity

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