Bruised Character

In contrast to using flower petals on our faces, we address inner ugliness as we have refused to accept ourselves, tainting our authentic image and have chosen to hide and adorn ourselves with what we want to believe is beautiful.

I fear what we have become, unknowing of what’s to come

Our existence undone, our souls succumb

Bruised characters, so we shun

Realness ain’t the same, reality is addressed as a shame

My image I disdain, as fame is the root of what we entertain

But what is the truth, being real or me?

Is it what I see on the mirror, what I envision myself to be or is it what the rest see?

Am I my actions, my dreams and fantasies?

Could we be defined by our pain, past, present and unknown future?

I keep self alive by sharing emotions that are inferior to the world

Hiding from delusions that attack my sleep and happiness that I seek

Ugly and dead inside, I adorn self with flowers for my daily funeral


Concept and Direction : Alexis Nereah

Photography : Royce Bett (the.frostographer)

Muse : Afro_minimalist + Alexis Nereahย 

Theme : Duality


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