Hello my loves!

Bet you’re wondering what Sky.Garden is all about. A friend thought it was a new hotel in town and another thought it was a new mall in the works. The latter was not too far from the actual thing 🙂 As you stay in with the family, here’s some food for thought on how to make the world your business and make some quick money as you engage in other errands.
​Sky.Garden is an e-commerce platform that enables sellers to open free web shops through a mobile application, upload and manage all their inventory, promote their products and convert to sales. This indeed means a cost on having a physical shop has been cropped out of your worries and no better way than to scream out, ‘get your money up’ on the side especially when you have a million jobs like myself (in dire need of an assistant). Keeping up with Nereah coming soon lol!
How the platform works is that each seller is equipped with a unique web shop where they upload individual products, they then share unique links to their web shop and corresponding
products on any social media platform for buyers to access and make purchases from. Simple right?
Sky.Garden handles all customer service and delivery needs on behalf of the seller and charges a flat rate fee of 8% on each transaction. As a new online merchant I’ve learnt that deliveries are the most stressful but the profits keep you going 😏 .
1. Download the application  on Play Store (Sky Garden Merchant App).
2. Register and open up your web shop, then proceed to choosing a suitable name.
3. Add your M-pesa number and shop details.
4. Add a preferred local shipping method either self delivery or store pick up.
You will then end up on the home page and then proceed to add new items to your store. Also keep in mind that you ought to have high definition (HD) images and that the platform prefers using a white background for a clean cut 🙂
Are you in for this deal or nah? Need I remind you that :
1. You do not have to worry about owning a physical shop as you get to save up on rent money.
2. Get to save time and run errands as Sky.Garden handles all customer service and delivery needs.
3. The platform has a reasonable commission charge of 8% on each purchase.
4. This is simply how you will make the world your business!!
Jay, Kiru and I did a shoot in the least time possible to serve you some sauce for the campaign, hope you like them. Here is a link to my web shop (Wardrobe Banter) + the Instagram link as well as a dear friend’s that makes her own jewellery.
Creative Direction : Alexis Nereah
Visual Artist/Photographer : Jay
Muse : Annette Kiru + Alexis Nereah

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